Online Ordering

Due to increased demand we are unable to offer specific times for deliveries.  If we receive your delivery request before 1:00 PM we will try to deliver it that day.

If we receive it after 1:00 PM it will be delivered the next day. Be aware that emails are not instantaneous and they can take hours to wind their way to us.

If you are concerned about how to make payment, please call the store at 306-692-1516.  We are flexible when it comes to payment and have several options.

We are trying our best to get to as many orders out as we can but we are having to put a limit on how many a day we can deliver.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause if the order cannot be delivered that day it will carried over and delivered the next day.

Note: We do not deliver on Sundays and statutory holidays.

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*Please note there is a one hour cut off before an order can be delivered within the selected time frame.

*When placing an order it helps to be as detailed as possible, please remember to include factors such as Brand, Quantity and Size.